Reservation Coordinator hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00a - 5:00p.

Tour appointments can be made with a reservationist on Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:00a - 5:00p.

Please inquire about our Saturday drop in times to view the building on your own. (no reservationist on duty) The Drop In times can vary due to our events so please contact us to confirm times. 

We do not office at The Filter Building.

White Rock Boathouse

Operated by the non-profit White Rock Boathouse Inc., The Filter Building event center is the latest addition to our facilities. Rental income from The Filter Building supports the various programs of the Boathouse.

For more on the White Rock Boathouse and its programs, visit our web site.

The Filter Building

The Filter Building interior encompasses 5100 square feet, plus two exterior terraces and a spacious lawn overlooking the lake. The venue's capacity is 200 total people.

In addition, the 1200 square foot second floor is available for smaller conferences and meetings on weekdays for a rental of $500.00 and up.


                                                     2015               2016

Monday-Thursday                  $1000.00       $1000.00

Friday                                     $2800.00         $2800.00    

Saturday                                 $3000.00.       $3000.00   

Sunday                                    $2600.00.       $2800.00

Holiday rates

There is a premium for holiday rentals. We will discuss the rental fee for holidays on inquiry.

Not-for-profit groups

Not-for-profit groups should email us for special rates which may be available Monday through Thursday.

We do not discount our Friday, Saturday and Sunday rates.

Included in rental rates

  • 4 hours of police officer time for security
  • 8 hours building use (see below)
  • Parking lot next to venue
  • Caterer's Prep kitchen
  • Bride's room

Other information and terms of use

  • After 8 hours, additional rental hours are $100.00 each.
  • All events must end by midnight. Vendors have until 1:00 a.m. to break down/clean up.
  • A deposit of 1/2 of the rental fee is required for reservations under 12 months out. If over 12 months then the entire rental fee is required. Cancellation policy is listed on the contract.
  • Payment Arrangements: The rental fee must be paid 30 days before the event.
  • All alcoholic beverages must be served by a TABC certified and approved bartender through the contracted caterer.
  • The Filter Building supplies an off-duty Dallas police officer at all events taking place in the evening, events with 50 or more people, or any event where alcohol is served. Costs for security for 4 hours are included in the Rental Rate. Additional hours are $50.00 each.
  • Valet Services are required for all events with 130+ guests.
  • Tables and chairs are available for rent - see policy page.
  • Pay Pal is also accepted for an additional $25.00.