Please contact us to set up a private tour with our venue manager Monday through Friday.

Alternatively, we offer open house periods most Saturdays to view the venue on your own. The venue manager will not be on duty. 

 Drop-in/Self tour times

September 16: 12 - 2 p.m.

September 23: 12 - 2 p.m.

September 30: 12 - 2 p.m.

White Rock Boathouse

Operated by the non-profit White Rock Boathouse Inc., The Filter Building event center is the latest addition to our facilities. Rental income from The Filter Building supports the various programs of the Boathouse.

For more on the White Rock Boathouse and its programs, visit our web site.

This page contains all the information you need to know to establish a rental agreement for The Filter Building to make your upcoming event a great success.

Our on line calendar under Availability has all of our open dates.

Please check the calendar before requesting information.

Rental policies

To start, please review our Rental Policies. Along with general information, this document explains alcohol/bar service, cleaning requirements, parking, entertainment, alterations or decorations, and describes your obligation to the public when renting this City of Dallas-owned property.

Approved caterers

If you have not already, please review our approved caterer's list.

Clean-up checklist

You and your caterer should be familiar with the clean-up requirements for The Filter Building. This simple checklist will help you leave the facility as clean as you found it, and ready for the next event.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the capacity of your venue?

Our building holds a maximum of 200 guests. We can seat 165-170 Guests with a dance floor.

Can I have a rehearsal the night before my event?

Our venue will be booked so we provide you with a two hour "planning meeting" that you can schedule with the Reservationist on Monday-Thursday 10-6pm.

What is the cost for extra hours?

After the initial 8 hours booking, all hours are $100.00 each.

Can I buy my own beer, wine and liquor?

Yes, you may purchase your own liquor but a TABC bartender must serve and be employed under your contracted caterer.

Can I bring in my own caterer not on your Recommended List?

Yes, but there is an additional charge, security deposit and we will need their certificate of liability.

Can I hire my own security/police officer?

No, we have trained a Dallas Police Officer in the details of our building, ac systems and our policies. You receive 4 hours of his/her time within your rental fee. Extra security hours are $50.00 each.

May I hang lanterns and/or lights inside on the beams/trusses?

Our smoke detector system will not allow anything to be hung above the metal trusses and on the ceilings inside our venue. Please understand that an alarm will go off if any vendor or guest trys to hang anything above 8 feet.

Who does the set ups for my Event?

We pop up the rented tables and chairs and set them in the main hall for your Caterer to place as per your floor plan.